Posted by: arkachips | September 15, 2008

An Atypical Brit chiming in

This blog was created simply to enable me to read some of the political blogs out there that are going private.

At the moment, it’s US politics fascinating me, but as I’m a political junkie, other countries will come into the blogroll soon enough.

Some Americans wonder why non-Americans are so interested in their elections, and to that I say, why so interested in our royal family? Come on, live and let live! Besides, the US does happen to be the superpower out there, and where you go, we inevitably follow. So, be nice, not all of us have dark and sinister motives for watching it all so closely, we’re just interested in what our own futures may hold.

Also, you have to admit, the race for the White House this time is just flat out insane. Can’t look away.

I may post more, but I do tend to be on the lazy side, so more often than not, I’ll just be reading and commenting.

Nice to meet you, world!


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