Posted by: arkachips | September 17, 2008


One of the things I find really interesting about the Democratic and Republican divide in the US, is the extreme identification with it that some have, so much so that both sides eye the other as enemies. It’s not unusual to see a Dem refer to something Repub as evil, while Repubs seem convinced Dems will destroy America.

It’s kinda bizarre, I have to tell you, looking at it from the outside like I am.

Maybe even more so because I was raised in a society that believed to serve and protect the people was a noble cause. Different ideas, parties, weren’t something to be shunned – they were all options, choices to be made, on how to secure the greater good.¬†Politicians and soldiers were basically one and the same thing, protectors of us, and that was good, something deserving of gratitude and respect.

You could call it a naive outlook, and when I see the corruption that’s all over in the political world, yes, you’d be right. But still, my first instinctive urge when calls of ‘Bad! Wrong! Corruption!’ ring out against politicians or soldiers, is to think them innocent until proven guilty….. awesome, original concept, right?…

Anyway, that’s just background.

I was reading about Hillary Clinton today, pulling out of that Iran protest, and some out there are criticising her for it. I don’t understand that. In fact, I don’t understand a lot of criticism directed her way. To me, she is an outstanding politician, an outstanding person, and I’m quite sure that if we made a list of all the qualities/experience/etc of presidential candidates throughout US history, she’d be right up there in the Top Five. She’s intellectually brilliant, tough beyond belief, and experienced in so many things – looking through her resume, you have to wonder if she sleeps!

Obama, on the other hand, would be far, far down the list… Like I said earlier, this race for the White House is insane.

So, Iran protest. Considering how charged the climate is right now, how much hate there is for Hillary Clinton, how much hate there is for Sarah Palin, appearing together would be a magnet for more hate. How is that not clear to see? People want her to take the high road, take risks for a greater cause – well, I say you have to pick your battles to win the war.

Not only that, but she’s a Democrat who has promised to do all she can to get a Democrat in the White House. She’s doing her job by staying away. She can’t be seen to be ‘endorsing’ Palin in any way, and like it or not, appearing with Palin would be seen as such.

To my mind, she’s already on the high road that matters – she’s sticking to issues and refusing to attack Palin like the rabid Dems and the media want her to. All the pressure she must be under, and she’s not bending. Admirable, through and through.


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