Posted by: arkachips | September 20, 2008

See what I mean about the view of Republicans?     Reformed Republicans key to Obama victory

And to pipe in on Sarah Palin, I like her and fnd the whole ‘experience’ quibble completely ludicrous considering the paper-thin resume of Obama. It’s another sign that the Obama folks are totally, completely, out of their collective hive mind.

However, she is no Hillary.    Senator Clinton on the Market Crisis

Love the bit with the baby and the bath water 🙂 – She’s talking to you, right there, connecting, and she means every word and knows what she means too. I’m glad Rothschild and Donald Trump said it for what it is – robbery by a petty and inadequate empty suit. With the help of the corrupt heads of the DNC, of course. And it’s becoming clear as the days go on, that they risked  cheating so openly to ensure their own survival. Clinton would have routed them, while Obama is one of them.

This side of the pond, apparantly Churchill thought Stalin was jocular and Gandhi, a bad man.  Secret Conversations


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