Posted by: arkachips | February 5, 2009

After the storm

That was a tiring US election. Disappointed beyond belief, but she’s blooming where she’s planted and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who slept better knowing she was the Foreign President. I’m not being melodramatic when I say O at the helm of the most powerful country on Earth worries me greatly. Really, really greatly. In fact, so greatly that I’m hoping like hell that The Powers That Be keep certain info out of his hands.

I don’t trust that man, and I really can’t see a future where I ever will. The sooner he is out of office, the better.

Knowing the madness of the Ofans, I’ll bet someone will read that as a cry for a violent intervention. Unbelievable. But here’s an article that may go some way to explaining the STUPID that took over some of our usually smart friends:

And note the related article title – The Obama Factor, Revealed

It was quite surprising to see that actually, since the New Scientist has been drooling over O, thinking him their Messiah over everything science and thereby Life itself. The first line, if I remember correctly, starts with Hitler and Mussolini…. – and what do you see right above? The related article link with the O name.

I found that quite amusing. In a nauseated way.

So I’ve had a break from politics, and I’m happier for it. My faith in people, or rather, my lack of faith in people, has been proved right, far exceeding my expectations. And I find I like people better if I just stay away from talking about anything meaningful with them. Let’s talk TV and movies instead. Pass the popcorn.

People are nicer with popcorn.


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