Posted by: arkachips | March 12, 2009

Who is jobless?

I am.

Apart from constantly living with a tang of panic underneath, I’m trying to enjoy the time off. Look for jobs, apply, then the rest of the time, go walking and take pretty pictures.

Also, more surfing the net and now, I can actually comment and reply to comments, like have conversations! It’s much more fun than the odd popping in for a word before popping out again, coming back days later.

However, no matter how much fun, I’d rather be working, earning, actually having money to pay my bills – that would be lovely. Due to high demand for everything these days, I’m looking at all jobs I could possibly do, and if that’s minimum wage, I’m still going for it.

Yes, I have a law degree. What’s your point?

The government wants jobless finance/science unemployed to go into teaching maths and science, fast tracking them into teachers in just 6 months.

Legal folk? Not so loved. Never loved, we law people.

Trying to keep my spirits up by seeing the upside – free time! netsurf! – isn’t really working. I feel like kicking something, myself most of all.

Remember scoffing when they said school days are the best days of your life? Not scoffing now.


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