Posted by: arkachips | March 21, 2009


McLaren are showing piss poor performance in F1 this year, depressing so many Lewis fans. Me? I say this is what happens when you steal info from your rivals. Momentary high, followed by down down down to your usual lows. What you should do is actually steal the people behind the info, silly McLaren. Do it right next time, oks?


And this has absolutely nothing to do with my being a Ferrari fan, which I am. It’s do with right and wrong and the British public’s blindness to wrongs when it comes to winning in the world. If the situation had been reversed, would they have said ‘they’re making too big a deal out of it’? Hell no.

I should let it go, water under the bridge, and I will. One day.

Politics – Cameron says will increase tax of the rich from 40p to 45p. Reducing debt takes priority over lowering tax. Some say it’s a clever thing to do to show the masses that the Tories aren’t just out to look after the rich. Some say it’s a clever ploy by Gordon Brown, lettting it be known that was what he was going to do long ago, so that Cameron fell into the trap to match him, and thereby pissing off the rich folks that support the Tories.

Then there’s the money Gordon wants for the stimulus. We don’t have it. Major borrowing gonna happen, major deficit, oh noes. Over £180 billion they’re estimating.

I don’t know what to think, to be perfectly frank. Apart from greater regulation of the banks, of course, which makes complete sense to everyone – except the US govt. The ones without a Treasury staff, apart from one Geithner. Some say it’s not incompetency, but rather that he/US govt doesn’t want witnesses.

Wonderful state of the world, yes?


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