Posted by: arkachips | March 22, 2009

a rant here, a rant there

We’re going to celebrate St.George’s Day in London, Boris says, flying the cross and playing music and everything. I like it, would fully like to enjoy the week-long fest if I weren’t gonna be away, darn it.

Reasons against included that it could be offensive to Muslims, due to its association with the Crusades.

I guess it’s along the same lines where Xmas shouldn’t have a tree, you should say Happy Holidays instead etc. I’m happy to give the greeting of choice, but to be offended if I give the wrong one, send the wrong card, that shows a certain lack in the offended. My humble opinion.

I’m Hindu, and if someone told me to rename my religious holidays, I’d be kinda miffed. And I would protest doing so. Even though I’m basically Hindu by birth and not really by practice. Same as a lot of Christians and Muslims and Jews and Buddhists and and and and…..

It’s the principle of the thing, and I respectfully suggest to the politically correct crew that they take a step back and reconsider.

On to US politics – as surrounded as I am by American friends, I really can’t avoid it even if I wanted to. When I said I liked Sarah Palin, I got a huge lecture on how Republicans are Teh EVOL.

I said I liked Sarah Palin, I said when I could get a word in, not the Republican Party.

Not that I think they are evil. Different political beliefs don’t make you evil. However, my beliefs match the Democrats more than the Repubs, or so I thought. Hillary was betrayed and robbed by the Democrats, and I’m disgusted and angered by it.

She won the American people’s vote, which should have meant she won the nomination of the party, but no. Robbed. And democracy in the USA was trampled.

Anyway – back to the topic. Sarah Palin. Repubs.

George Bush said he loved his country more than politics.

That is supposed to be a Repub thing, patriotism. But I can’t match that view with how they lay down and let O win the election. Love of country should mean fighting for that country, keeping her best interests at heart, and I cannot see how letting the masters behind O get into power helps America. It doesn’t. It helps the rich though.

As I said before, and it’s nothing new, it’s something everyone knows – follow the money. Who gave the O money? The banks and rich folk getting the money from the govt now. They don’t want regulation, the US govt doesn’t want regulation. Who does?

Hillary. McCain and Palin.

And there’s more reasons to like Sarah Palin. More ways in which she’s so much better than the O, qualifications wise and principles wise. One small example – she sure knows how to live without a teleprompter, yes she does. When it blunders, he blunders, can’t save himself – she? It breaks completely, and she delivers her speech regardless without a hitch.

They’re calling him TOTUS now – Teleprompter Of The United States. I have a feeling that’s one of the kinder names by which he’ll be remembered. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

And it’s Sunday! I should be dozing instead of this, and I’m gonna remedy that now.


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