Posted by: arkachips | March 24, 2009

It shocked me the first time I saw police here in kevlar, holding seriously big guns. Far cry from the usual bobby in a funny tall hat. Anyway, now, years later, it’s the norm. And so many may hate me for saying this, but I do feel safer for seeing them geared up – for my sake and theirs.

Because we are always a target.

So we have MPs again asking for a payrise. In a recession this time. Because if they have to give up the allowance for a second home, then it’s only fair…. Yes, I feel your pain, I really do.

Some Hindus want the right to be cremated outside on a pyre, like they do back in India. Not legal in the UK, so they’re going to court. Personally, speaking as a Hindu and as a British citizen, I’m solidly behind the thinking that we live in the UK, and we should follow the UK rules. Seems only fair.

More than likely, should the need to take care of my parents’ passing arise, I’ll take their ashes back to India and say farewell to them in the Ganges river. Just like we as a family did for my grandmother. We didn’t question it, we don’t resent it.

What I do resent? Something like Sharia law having a foothold here.


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