Posted by: arkachips | March 25, 2009

Geithner’s plan ‘robbery of the American people’

Says Nobel-prizewinning economist, Joseph Stiglitz.

While there’s still a lot of enamoured O supporters, one sign of hope is my SO. He’s American, a ‘relaxed Democrat’ in his own words – which seems to translate to how he’s perfectly happy with his Republican friends, as well as signalling his atheist stance. Usually, we try to avoid talking politics or religion, but recently he’s started voicing criticism of O. Just drops it into conversation, all casual like.

And I, all casual like, will talk back, dropping nuggets of what I read and learned and think.

I never asked him how he voted or anything, because first, not my business, second, not my country, and third – that’s a more delicate matter. As in not-very-tolerant-of-me delicate matter. I can’t help being harsh in my judgment of those who chose O over Hillary. I can’t. She is so out of his league, and he is so full of hidden details and not-so-hidden negatives, that I am never going to stop being totally confused how the masses couldn’t see that.

When Goebbels said propaganda had to be such that it was easily understood by the dumbest of us (and I’m totally mangling his words, but you get the gist), I don’t think I ever really understood that until I saw it in action this US presidential campaign.

Calling people stupid and dumb isn’t terribly PC of me, but screw PC.

So, calling my SO stupid and dumb? Yeah, not a great idea in a relationship. Except when he’s heard me with my friends, there’s no way he couldn’t know my opinions on the matter.

Anyway, considering we’re supposed to get married and live happily ever after in Arizona, the least I can do is practise what I preach, ie tolerance of someone’s beliefs, regardless of whether you think their politics is stupid. Freedom of speech with Tolerance – so sweet a thought, but so hard to actually achieve.

He and I are doing pretty good though, despite an often bumpy road. There’s hope!

Backing away from personal spew now, and back to news.

No Royal Train etc, amid G20 security fears.

One irrelevancy, but interesting to me as a Lost fan. In the article, when it says Blair took Clinton to the Pont de la Tour restaurant – that’s the restaurant on the riverside, outside which Sun met Widmore, with Tower Bridge in the background.


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