Posted by: arkachips | March 28, 2009

first day of protest

But first, I hear a rumour that the G20 money Brown is after – about 2 trillion….

Moving on swiftly –

I’m glad it was peaceful this time, but I do wish it was just on one day or two. This constant tension until next weekend is not something I’m happy about.

So while there was plenty of anger among the crowd, it was contained. There are other marches, other events at which this may be unleashed by some, but not today.

And the peaceable nature of the event was encapsulated by one particular police officer.

As the speeches boomed over the crowds from the main stage in Hyde Park, as the marchers continued to file in gently through the park’s gates and lie on the grass, he walked away from a refreshment stand holding two giant cones, top heavy with what looked like vanilla ice-cream.


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