Posted by: arkachips | March 29, 2009

‘Responsible’ Tory government

Apparently Cameron used the word ‘responsible’ 25 times in a 30-min speech: responsible government, responsible families, responsible society.

As O has scheduled an hour-long meet with him during the G20 gathering, I’m wondering how that’s going to play. The mood of the people is not for what O wants.

The media keeps saying how all these leaders want to be seen with him, but I’m wondering how far that’s true. O’s approval ratings are plummeting (49%, last time I looked; SOS Hillary, on the other hand, is at 70%. Just thought I’d mention that too *g*) – and there is no way he and his people are unaware of that. No way other political leaders are unaware too.

Personally, I don’t want O or his people anywhere near the next UK government. It’s time for the special relationship to be reconsidered.


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