Posted by: arkachips | March 29, 2009

GhostNet, cyber spies in China

It’s not like we didn’t know this was happening – with the power and possibilities of technology these days, how could it not? But having it confirmed and laid out like this is simply frightening. Turns possible paranoid fear into oh yeah, seriously real fear.

“Almost certainly, documents are being removed without the targets’ knowledge, keystrokes logged, web cameras are being silently triggered, and audio inputs surreptitiously activated.”

The researchers said GhostNet was spread using classic malware techniques. “Contextually relevant emails are sent to specific targets with attached documents that are packed with exploit code and Trojan horse programmes designed to take advantage of vulnerabilities in software installed on the target’s computer.

“Once compromised, files located on infected computers may be mined for contact information, and used to spread malware through e-mail and document attachments that appear to come from legitimate sources, and contain legitimate documents and messages.”


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