Posted by: arkachips | March 29, 2009

Virgin Brawn stunner

How’s them apples, eh?! *g* Talk about the unpredictability of F1, jeez!

Button was insufferable in the early days when he thought he was the f*cking shit. Criticising his team which, seriously, dude, not smart! He seems to have learnt his lesson though, and I hope it sticks. I end up turning away from arrogant Brits, and I don’t want to turn away from Virgin Brawn.

But poor Barrichello. He always ends up the shadow.

Another article, just cuz 🙂

And latest, disqualification time. It’s going to be an insufferable year here, I’m afraid. If I thought it was bad with one Brit at the top, two?

And yet another article, more for the pic though, because I can’t help the feeling of wrong wrong wrong because the hug – wrong people! Brawn and Schumacher, that’s who I’m used to seeing hug…. I may need time to get over this.


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