Posted by: arkachips | March 30, 2009

Glenn Beck, De-Baptism, Red Dwarf

O-free-Zone today. All the things he’s doing and not doing is making me burn, and people making excuses for him are just stoking the fire.

On the rise, Glenn Beck.

“The truth is — that you are the defender of liberty,” he said. “It’s not the government. It’s not an army or anybody else. It’s you. This is your country.”

On the rise, de-baptism.

“More than 100,000 Britons have recently downloaded “certificates of de-baptism” from the Internet to renounce their Christian faith.

The initiative launched by a group called the National Secular Society (NSS) follows atheist campaigns here and elsewhere, including a London bus poster which triggered protests by proclaiming “There’s probably no God.”

…… The bus-side posters that hit London in January sported the message: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

The scheme was in response to pro-Christian adverts on buses directing passers-by to a website warning those who did not accept Jesus would suffer for eternity in hell. ”

Back again, Red Dwarf.

“At Easter the Emmy-winning comedy returns in three new episodes and a documentary. It is the first time a new adventure featuring the four oddball survivors of the mining ship Red Dwarf has been shot since the eighth series a decade ago and a lot of water has certainly flowed under this bridge. ”

Can’t help myself, I have to say it – SMEG!

And, for good measure – SMEGHEAD!

Ok, got it outta my system now 🙂


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