Posted by: arkachips | March 31, 2009

French Eminem says sorry

‘The online music video shows Orelsan holding an empty bottle of whisky as he raps:

“You’re just a slut, slut, slut … If I break you’re arm, consider that we parted on good terms.”

“I hate you, I want you to die a slow death,” he goes on.

“I want you to become pregnant and lose the baby. We’ll see how you manage when your legs are broken, sweetie. I want to see you go back burning in flames.”

The record label said Orelsan had dropped the song from his repertoire several months ago, that it appeared on none of his albums, and was never meant to incite violence against women.’

Well, he’s sorry, and it was just a story, he doesn’t feel like that. So that’s ok then.

I know a lot of people find offensive music like this perfectly fine, a lot love it. I’m just glad I’m not one of them.

They have their right to it, I have my right to judge them for it.


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