Posted by: arkachips | April 1, 2009

Celebs taking over the world

I’ve always thought celebs have far too much influence, and what went on this past presidential campaign in the US only cemented that view. If we were to make a list of celebs who came out to give us their wise opinion – Damon, Sarandon, Fey… – it would be faster to make a list of celebs who stayed silent.

Is it really too much to ask that they realise their position and not abuse it? Some could plead ignorance, but then the ‘dumb actor’ label would fit whoever used that. When you’re paid huge sums to promote something, you can’t fail to appreciate your position.

To say you’re still an individual with a right to voice his opinion? That doesn’t cut it. Even for normal people with normal jobs and lives, we all have to be careful about certain things, and for celebs, one of those things is that their fame makes their voice much louder than others.

Coming across somebody who examines the matter is refreshing.

Marina Hyde, in the Times, starts off her article:

On the eve of the most recent Palestinian presidential elections, a televised message was broadcast to voters in the region. “Hi, I’m Richard Gere,” smiled its star, “and I’m speaking for the entire world . . .”

Title of her article says it all –

“How celebrities are taking over the world: Witness Brangelina’s creepy little African coup and how celebrities can exploit their fame to take over a whole country”

And was Sean Penn completely unaware of the irony of his rant on actors doing things other than acting? I think he basically said ‘if you want to be an actor, that’s the only thing you should be doing, or get out’ – and there he is, constantly playing political pundit and spouting whatever for whatever cause he’s latched on to.

Take your own freaking advice.

It’s more than politics though. I’ve always had problems with the huge disparity between what they do, who they are, and the Get Out Of Jail free card that gets them. People like Kate Moss, unbearable.

Life is unfair – who knew?!


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