Posted by: arkachips | April 2, 2009

F1 disqualification, McLaren says didn’t lie

McLaren says they thought as it was all on radio, stewards already knew.

“There was no lie in that hearing,” said Whitmarsh, who claims the team’s error at the hearing was in not providing full information about a radio conversation with Hamilton instructing him to let Trulli overtake him.

“We, the team, made a mistake. We did not provide a full account of a radio conversation which we believe was being listened to in any case, and we don’t believe was material to the decisions being made by the stewards.”

They could be innocent. On the other hand, if they got lucky and the stewards hadn’t checked up, they’d be home free.

When it comes to such a high money sport as this, I can easily believe such a weighing up of pros and cons can take place.

Here’s Martin Brundle:

BBC commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle said: “This does not look good for Hamilton or McLaren.

“Hamilton passed Trulli as he was off the road. Hamilton clearly wondered then, to give him the benefit of the doubt, if he had passed under the safety car conditions and was trying to let Trulli back through.

“There was a point when he was doing just 15mph in his McLaren and Trulli had no option but to repass him.

“I think Lewis then saw half a chance of a third place instead of a fourth, went up to the stewards and didn’t give them the full story.

“Now they’ve matched up his comments (to them) to radio content between him and the team, and other information they’ve gathered, and they’ve decided that effectively he was telling fibs.

“I think it’s a big issue and it’s not going to go away. If they were asked a direct question they should have given the right answer, and they clearly didn’t.”



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