Posted by: arkachips | April 2, 2009

F1 Hamilton disqualified

Autosport interviews Jarno Trulli:

Q. Are you disappointed that perhaps Lewis has not explained the situation clearly?

JT: Yeah, but this is more up to him and not down to me. I knew that I told the truth and all the evidence show that I didn’t break the rules. This is very clear. I said the same things twice. I proved it with every kind of evidence and, on top of that, there was evident from the other team, so that just confirms my statement.

As a Brit, this kind of stuff just shames me.

It’s like when Pete Sampras was booed in Wimbledon, I was so ashamed and angry then too.

And what makes it worse are Brits making excuses and hurling blame and abuse at everyone and thing but the culprits, which this time – McLaren and Hamilton. Last time, the argument was there that it was the team rather than the driver that did wrong – he could claim complete innocence – but this time, he was part of it, clearly recorded part of it.

What a dumb thing to do.

I said it before, McLaren, steal the brains, not the info. Now, two more bits of advice – get your stories straight, and don’t get recorded while doing bad things.

Seriously. So dumb.



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