Posted by: arkachips | April 2, 2009

Superhero politicians and a Blackberry handler

The Independent funnies.

Cool cartoon. O and Brown, Superheroes! Not.

And funnier, if only for the ‘Blackberry handler’ –

The peculiar paradox of Obama’s credit-crunch-busting entourage appears lost on the upper echelons of the Liberal Democrats. Or, if not lost, then studiously ignored (Pandora suspects the latter).

“I’m not going to start slagging off the President,” protested the usually prudent Vince Cable when pressed on the matter of Barack’s surely not inexpensive travelling army of 200 body guards, six surgeons and multiple chefs (not to mention Reggie Love, the President’s delightfully-named BlackBerry handler). “Though MPs’ expenses are a mess. An absolute mess.”


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