Posted by: arkachips | April 2, 2009

Want to see inside a black hole?

I can’t be the only one who said, perkily, ‘ok!’

Maybe others weren’t so perky as I, but the fact remains, there is a video about what you’d see before, you know, you got KILLEDZ! Like, TOTALLY DED DEDZ!

Here, peekaboo –

Falling into a black hole might not be good for your health, but at least the view would be fine. A new simulation shows what you might see on your way towards the black hole’s crushing central singularity. The research could help physicists understand the apparently paradoxical fate of matter and energy in a black hole.

….”Close to the singularity, it appears that the entire three-dimensional universe is being crushed into a two-dimensional surface,” says Hamilton (see Our world may be a giant hologram). But whether it hints that a 2D view is more fundamental is not yet clear. “Does it have any profound significance? I don’t know,” says Hamilton.

Interesting, aye? And that 2D thing, giant hologram yadda yadda, well worth a read too.


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