Posted by: arkachips | April 5, 2009

Afghan: Will review legal rape law

‘Gordon Brown has led the international condemnation of the law, saying today it would be unacceptable for British soldiers to die defending a regime that enacted oppressive legislation of this kind.

“I made it absolutely clear to the president that we could not tolerate that situation. You cannot have British troops fighting, and in some cases dying, to save a democracy where that democracy is infringing human rights.

“[Karzai] responded by saying this law would not be enacted in the way it has been presented.”‘

So, in other words, months will go by where this law is reviewed and then – what? It won’t be enacted in the way it has been presented – which doesn’t reassure greatly. Mix the words up some other way, and voila, it’s a different presentation.

‘The most controversial article says that the wife is “bound to preen for her husband, as and when he desires” and “is bound to give a positive response to the sexual desire of her husband”.’

Most controversial? I don’t know. So much of it reeks, it all seems pretty much tied on which is the most controversial and disgusting and STUPID. This isn’t religion talking. This is men’s dicks talking.

‘Defenders of the law have pointed out that the legislation was improved by the lower house of parliament, which introduced the concession allowing women to leave their homes without the permission of their husbands if they had a good reason to.’

How generous of them.

Two words: F*CK OFF.


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