Posted by: arkachips | April 5, 2009

Obama: nuclear-free dreams? Dream on

The Times says:

President Obama’s hopes for a world free of nuclear weapons may just be a dream.

I say:


It’s such a hopeful little article, full of how impossible it will be, but gosh darn it, the O will try despite how basically he won’t, not in his lifetime, and that has to count for something, right? The words have to count, despite the lack of will – rhetoric full of the impossible won the election after all, so obviously, appearances count more than substance – because words matter.

“….he gave himself two escape clauses…..The first was that he did not necessarily expect this to happen in his lifetime…. The second, and more important get-out, was his statement that so long as these weapons exist, the US will maintain a “safe, secure and effective” arsenal.”

Words give us Hope. When there’s nothing else, at least there’s Hope and it brings light to the darkness. Like that light that will shine down and make you realise, you must vote for O…. oooh, sorry, started channelling the One. Praise be.

Light will shine down… wow. When I first heard he said that, I thought they were kidding. Then I watched it on youTube. If only it was a one off thing, but no, more and more because it is quite clear too many love the soaring rhetoric. Reality too grim for them. I say if reality is too much for you, buy some books, go to the movies, get into video games – and stay far, far away from the voting booth.

Maybe it’s escaped your notice, but this isn’t American Idol. We’re not choosing who gets to entertain us with pretty words. We’re choosing who controls us. CONTROLS. US. That’s what it means to be elected into government – GOVERN = CONTROL – and when it’s for the office of the President of the United States, it effectively means CONTROL of THE WORLD.

The rest of the world might not like to hear it, but yes, that’s what it means. The sole Superpower kinda carries that responsibility.

So who do we have? The TOTUS.

Reality is…. laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.


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