Posted by: arkachips | April 6, 2009

From today, internet data to be stored for a year

The content of emails and phone calls will not be recorded or kept, but the details of the communications, such as who was in touch with whom, when and for how long, will be stored.

The EU legislation allows countries to choose a retention period of between six and 24 months. The UK has chosen a period of 12 months.

The addresses of web pages visited do not need to be stored under the new rules. For internet access, ISPs only need to store the dates and times of a user connecting to the internet and disconnecting; the internet protocol (IP) address allocated to the user; and the user ID of the customer.

Well, time to cut down on the kinky porn sites. When it says do not need to be stored, I instantly think but they could.

So, children, don’t go visiting no sites of ill repute lest you be tarnished forever.

Hue and cry? No. I think they’re drugging us through the water system.


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