Posted by: arkachips | April 7, 2009

Tamil protest, Pakistan protest

Rescue boats have been put on alert today amid fears that Tamil protesters may leap en masse from Westminster Bridge if they are not allowed to speak to Gordon Brown.

Lifeboats are in place on the Thames as demonstrators – flying the flag of the terrorist Tamil Tigers – illegally occupy the bridge.

‘We will stay until we have an answer from Gordon Brown,’ she said.

‘Our relatives are dying out there and so we will stay here.

‘The police tried to move us on in the night, but they couldn’t.’

‘Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari told two top U.S. envoys that his country needs “unconditional support” in a range of areas to defeat the al-Qaida and Taliban fighters.

The sentiments reflect Pakistani dissatisfaction with American pledges to tack conditions onto billions of dollars in expected aid designed to help Pakistan end militancy within its borders.

“Pakistan is committed in eliminating extremism from the society, for which it needs unconditional support by the international community in the fields of education, health, training and provision of equipment for fighting terrorism,” Zardari’s statement said.’

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Help us but don’t you dare stay, except stay for as long as it takes to make it safe – then leave. Or we’ll kill you. Help us out of sheer goodness asking nothing in return, die for us because you should stick up for the abused – then leave. Or we’ll kill you.

Don’t you dare interfere with our country, and sovereignty. Except when you should, asking nothing in return, because we’re abused and you should help us. Give us your money, give us your lives, and then get the hell out or we’ll kill you.

That about right? Too simple and ugly? What, we’re doing it for our own good too, the safety of our own countries?

I don’t know, folks. Some days, some days, it’s really hard to give a damn.


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