Posted by: arkachips | April 8, 2009

Celebrity White House

Next time, on Celebrity White House…”

Don’t know what I’m talking about? You’re lucky. Keep on sticking your head in that lovely warm sand, give your butt a tan.

It’s not like you need staff in the Treasury dept, no, not when you’re f*cking people over and want as few witnesses as possible – but PR, now that, what with the rich and influential Hollywood folk out there, more PR people dealing with that is vital.

Hell, you know what? Brilliant idea! – take note – why not rename the White House as Hollywood House?! White is so racist anyway. Or or or, even better, why not move the whole gig to Hollywood?! Just like moving the Dem machine to Chicago. But bigger. And better. And, brace yourself, awesomest idea ever – place the new Hollywood House under the Hollywood sign…….. wow, imagine how awesome that would look!

I said it a few days ago – this nightmare, is worse than a nightmare. You can wake up from those.


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