Posted by: arkachips | April 8, 2009

MP allowance row, Sinn Fein edition

‘Sinn Fein MPs have claimed nearly £500,000 in expenses on two rented London flats they share, despite refusing to take their seats in the House of Commons. ‘

And the MP allowances row goes on and on. Needs to be sorted out, and Gordon Brown saying it’s a distraction – hmmmm, sound familiar? Those O advisors transferring TOTUS excuses over to the PM? – is not good enough.

It is not good enough for the TOTUS either, but over there in the US, he has an asslicking media holding him up. Over here? It’s not the same over here, Gordon! Any licking our media will do will be more like big cat licking, to strip the flesh from your bones.

Sort it out, fair and square, asap. There. My advice, unlike those from your O advisors, is completely free.

And you know how else I differ from them? I care about my country. I sincerely doubt they can say the same, because after all, these folk tore their country apart to get their employer past the finishing line. And even then, Gordon? They didn’t really succeed! The Democratic Party had to step up to reject the one chosen by the people, democratically voted for, Hillary Clinton. Check the records if you don’t believe me.

Gordon, do you really think the Labour Party would do the same for you?

And, by the by, I’ve been thinking this a while now – can the Democratic Party be sued for fraudulent misrepresentation? I don’t think their name means what they think it means.


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