Posted by: arkachips | April 8, 2009

Taliban child suicide bombers

‘Being blown to pieces as a suicide bomber, he says, is a sacrifice that will take him straight to heaven. Abdullah says when he grows up he wants to kill non-Muslims.

But he also knew the difference between suicide, which God forbade, and sacrifice, which is what you become if you blow yourself up, killing the non-Muslims who want to kill your family. ‘Afterwards you would go straight to heaven, with 70 girls’.

“It’s not clear what will happen to Abdullah but the officials are likely to simply send him back across the border to his religious school. He will have quite a tale to tell the other children as he strips and loads his Kalashnikov, ready to defend Islam.”

Love and understanding, you all, sing it!

Funny how there’s always sex involved somewhere. Most religions seem to have this strangeness. Funny how all the people who speak for god, the men of god, tend to be men too. Funny that, eh?


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