Posted by: arkachips | April 9, 2009

UK pay gap, Jewish papers remove women from G20 photos

‘Harriet Harman, the minister for Women, has renewed her attack on the financial industry, describing it as a “breeding ground for discrimination”, after it emerged that women working in the City were being paid as much as 60 per cent less than their male counterparts.

Men in the sector are also receiving nearly 80 per cent more in perks and bonuses…

Trevor Phillips, the head of the EHRC, said the Government should force more companies to reveal their pay policies. “The figures we’re releasing today are shocking and indicate just how serious the pay gap has become in the financial sector,” he said. “Women do not have equal status or equal rewards.” ‘

This, and many more facts like this, is why it enrages me so much when people argue that women’s rights are so much less important than, say, racial. There’s so much more gender equality than racial, they’ll say, in fact, we’re all equal.

Being part of the western world in no way means we are equal.

It’s amazing how brainwashed people are. So many girls and women are still unaware that there is a pay gap, nevermind the huge one in the article above. And when they do realise? The shock and the outrage doesn’t last. They’ll march in the streets for every right but their own as a woman, it seems.

It’s a disheartening state of affairs. And those women in the past, the ones who actually cared enough and risked their lives to stand up for their rights, who got us women the right to vote – just something to, perhaps, read about in history books, to be quickly forgotten. Irrelevant to the modern girl.

And women who stand up for their rights now, feminists, are something to mock, in their mind. So not cool to be identified as one. And the term is often linked with lesbian too, disparagingly. Funny how it’s cool to be gay but not a gay feminist.

Then I just read about how some Jewish papers removed women from photos of the G20 heads of state gathering.

And then I think about how, when I visited India some years back, a Hindu man had thrown petrol over his wife and burnt her to death. She couldn’t give him a son. The story was a little paragraph in the paper, not front page because it was commonplace, nothing new, nothing to be outraged about.

And I remember a man, back where I was born, telling me he’d shoot me for wearing a skirt. Or trousers. Or going out without a man escort. And women did get killed for that and for many more reasons besides.

So, women’s rights? Far from a dead issue. We have a long, long way to go.


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