Posted by: arkachips | April 10, 2009

Peru: King buried with two men, one woman

‘Greenish with the patina of 1,500-year-old gilded-copper treasure, the Lord of Ucupe’s burial site lies next to that of another male, who was in his late twenties. Beneath that male, invisible under as-yet-unexcavated dirt in June 2008, lies a pregnant woman. The lord himself was entombed atop another man.

“We don’t know the relationships between the leader and the other males,” said archaeologist Steve Bourget. And “this woman may have been a concubine or a wife. She may have died while pregnant.” ‘

Now, if this was a king entombed with three women, a harem would have been the first thought.

It’s like ancient Greece and every other instance of homosexuality being not only accepted, but commonplace, has been placed on a ‘do not mention’ list.

So ridiculous. More important things in life than the sex lives of consenting adults. Much more important things.


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