Posted by: arkachips | April 10, 2009

Pirates! And idiots.

Because seriously, pirates vow to fight if attacked, the headline reads.

And I say cool. Shoot them. Blow them the hell outta the water.

Yes, rescue the captain first, of course. He dove out the boat once, give him the chance to do it again, and then take them out.

I used to be a bleeding heart liberal once upon a time, and then reality came knocking and I got over it. Which is why I still have hope that those idiots out there that voted for fake appearances over substance, a lifetime of experience, will see the real light, as opposed to the Hollywood light, one of these days.

Having said that, I came to my senses in college, so I was lucky that it happened early on. Much less to regret. The idiots (and yes they are idiots, how can anyone defend them with a straight face?!) aren’t just young naive fools, no, they come in a range of ages. Poor things. Age don’t mean wisdom, no sirree.

Wisdom win: The Arizona State University has wisely refrained from granting an honorary degree to a TOTUS who hasn’t done anything yet.

Wisdom deficient: The TOTUS who can talk about his love of tv show Entourage but apparently can’t say a word about the pirate hostage situation.

But of course he can’t say anything. He’s said it himself, before, that he needs to know what he’s talking about before he can say anything. He needs at least two days for people to tell him what to say. American citizen in danger – Express care and concern – How hard is that?

He’d be positively mute without that teleprompter.

The bombs are falling on us, MR.TOTUS!…. Ummm, give me a minute.

And yet, and yet, apparantly he’s the bestest President ever. President of the World even.

And the sheer irony of him apologising for the arrogance of Americans while, basically, being the poster child for Arrogance is just mind boggling for words.

The stupid and the idiotic voted him in, and possibly some who didn’t really care and opted for the Dem over the Rep, but every single one of us has to suffer this farce.


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