Posted by: arkachips | April 12, 2009

Arizona State: Death threats get you Obama Scholarship

Wow, America, leading the world shouldn’t entail leading the world in the fastest decline ever.

Arizona State University received death threats after refusing to grant that honorary degree to the TOTUS – by the way, they’ve never granted to any POTUS – and so, ASU has announced a scholarship in his name, to mark his ‘tremendous service to our country’.

Cue much mocking laughter. For TOTUS. For his murderous supporters.

I wonder if America will go down in the history books, not for being a great nation, but for the fastest fall in the history of civilisation.

Remember AL Sharpton saying there’ll be blood on the streets if TOTUS-wannabe lost? He got away with saying that. He got away with threatening the country. You talk of terrorists being something other, something outside America and Americans, but they’re among you and they are you. Like Ayers.

Death threats to a university? How is this much different from declaring jihad against a cartoonist who mocked Islam?

Shocking, shameful, truly pathetic.


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