Posted by: arkachips | April 12, 2009

UK: American foreign policy, Sadiq Khan MP, Pakistani anger

‘The UK must distance itself from American foreign policy if Pakistani youths are to be prevented from growing up hating Britain, according to the government’s social cohesion minister.

The comments by Sadiq Khan, who has just returned from a fact-finding trip to Pakistan, follow the arrests of 12 men – 10 of whom were Pakistani nationals – in the north-west of England last week on suspicion of planning a terror attack.

Khan, whose parents are from Pakistan, suggested the UK should look to reach out to disaffected Muslim youths by emphasising the close links between the two countries. “Much of the Pakistani population doesn’t realise the good we are doing,” Khan said: the UK is to double aid to Pakistan to £180m by 2011.’

I say close the borders, freeze immigration, and for heaven’s sake, stop granting student visas to hostile countries.

I’ve had it. Totally. No wonder the nationalist party BNP is making inroads, because if someone like me is feeling like this, then something sure is worng. I’m not pretending that what I’m thinking and feeling is right, I’d love to be full of endless love and tolerance for the world, but I’m no freaking saint, far from it, and I’ve had it.

We’re giving them the money with which to buy the means to kill us. I’m not ok with that.

That Islamist preacher who lived off benefits, him and all his wives and children, benefit fraud of over a hundred thousand I think it was, while preaching about the evils of us and calling for our destruction. I am not ok with that.

I think he’s still here, for f*ck’s sake! I’m afraid to research and look, boils my blood and I’m already way over my boiling point today as it is.

Truly, completely sick of it all.


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