Posted by: arkachips | May 15, 2009

China: the sleeping lion awakes, the next new superpower

Q: Why are world leaders scrambling for a better relationship with China?

A: Because they are charging full-speed ahead into becoming the next superpower.

Don’t believe me? Go there and you will. Having just come back from criss-crossing that huge country, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind.

The good thing? The media lies. The place is still communist run, and the people still have that mindset, but it’s not a frightening mindset – it’s more to do with looking out for their community and people than it is of conquering the world. I’m sure they will conquer the world financially though, so hey, maybe we should be afraid.

My opinion? The democratic west has seriously let me down and I, for one, am not about to declare EVIL a political thought that is different from my own.

Human rights abuses? We have them too. We can all do much better.

One thing I do know – they are cleaning up their act. The streets are teeming with western clothes and goods, the air is getting cleaner, and freedom of speech is there, eg tour guide in Tiananmen Square not a Mao-fan, said so, gave his reasons why.

They are modernising at high-speed, undertaking huge projects simultaneously and ensuring, basically, that they will be someone to contend with in the very near future.

If you are still of the mind that Chinese means cheap goods and takeaways, I suggest you get re-educated asap. Might even be a good idea to take some Chinese language lessons too. Trust me, it will help your resume.

On China, Nehru said something like ‘let the sleeping lion lie’. Insightful man. However, too late now for us. They’re awake, and looking outwards.


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