Posted by: arkachips | September 29, 2009

Enter stage left-right-every which way: Lord Mandelson

I’ve said it before that Lord Mandy always raises my interest even in the most uninteresting of things – this time round, the Labour Conference in Brighton.

Quentin Letts writes a fantastic article in the Daily Mail today, reporting back on Mandy’s speech:

“Pure panto….

Then, with the hall going crazy at the end of his performance and the delegates giving this complex, vengeful, dangerous man perhaps the first genuine ovation of his consistently unloved life, he returned to the lectern to deliver – lordy, lordy be – an American military salute. Was that Sergeant Bilko?….

But duplicity is a given with this guvnor. We expect it, somehow discount it……….

Peter mewed, sneered, parked his head to one side, gurned like a kohl-eyed starlet of the silent screen. Result: prolonged, grateful, perked-up applause, and that standing ovation unprecedented in the history of Mandelsonia.”

Fantastic 🙂

Tony Blair once said New Labour would be complete once the party loved Peter Mandelson. I’m mangling the quote, but you get the gist.

The thing is, I’ve never been a fan of Gordon Brown, but I do hate people piling on to take a bite of his floundering flesh. Especially someone as unworthy as the new US prez; I may not be a fan, but Gordon’s sure as hell more deserving and qualified than that nightmare.

…calming down, not getting distracted, breathing…..

So, Lord Mandy, spouting complete and public support for Brown.

If anyone can pull this election back from the hands of the Tories, it will be him.


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