Posted by: arkachips | November 27, 2010

Overcoming sickofpoliticstitis

I’m back. World is pretty different and yet depressingly the same too.

What of Nick Clegg in power, hey? Read back in my posts and I did mention the LibDems stirring, so this wasn’t as great a shock to me as it was for many.

Like my parents – woo! My conservative parents. Imagine how the conversation went when I revealed I voted LibDem.

So. The end of 2010, just round the corner.

So much has happened, so much is happening – not least being that incompetent, unqualified know-nothing pretender in that colourless house has been revealed (to people who needed such revelation, which frankly, still astounds me) to be an incompetent, unqualified know-nothing pretender – and I’ll be back later to talk on them some more.

Not right now, because blogging is a habit I have to remember again, and it’s pretty difficult actually to get back into this headspace. Especially that habit of saving links and quotes and, you know, that whole annoying need for sources.


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