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UK: die for political correctness?

‘During the Gaza conflict, Islamic and far-Left student societies up and down the country held “sit-ins” to protest against Israel’s defensive action. During a tense period some universities – including Cambridge – stood up to the protesters. Others – including Oxford – caved in and gave into the demands of the “occupying” students. Such small acts of appeasement on behalf of university authorities give the radicals the idea that right is on their side and that, given time, everyone will see this.

… I was due to fulfil a longstanding commitment to chair a discussion at the London School of Economics. Shortly before the event, I was contacted by the university and told not to come to campus because there was a threat of violence if I did.

Just as, internationally, the Islamists give us the offer “say my religion is peaceful or I will kill you”, so domestically we are told “say there’s no radicalism or we’ll be radical”.

There are many messages that we should be giving out. But one in particular should go straight away to our political class: political correctness may be something that they are willing to fight for, but it is not something that most of us are willing to die for.’

So this guy is the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion.

The other guy in the article I referenced earlier today, Sadiq Khan, is the minister for Social Cohesion.

Just thought it was interesting to note.

Posted by: arkachips | April 12, 2009

UK: American foreign policy, Sadiq Khan MP, Pakistani anger

‘The UK must distance itself from American foreign policy if Pakistani youths are to be prevented from growing up hating Britain, according to the government’s social cohesion minister.

The comments by Sadiq Khan, who has just returned from a fact-finding trip to Pakistan, follow the arrests of 12 men – 10 of whom were Pakistani nationals – in the north-west of England last week on suspicion of planning a terror attack.

Khan, whose parents are from Pakistan, suggested the UK should look to reach out to disaffected Muslim youths by emphasising the close links between the two countries. “Much of the Pakistani population doesn’t realise the good we are doing,” Khan said: the UK is to double aid to Pakistan to £180m by 2011.’

I say close the borders, freeze immigration, and for heaven’s sake, stop granting student visas to hostile countries.

I’ve had it. Totally. No wonder the nationalist party BNP is making inroads, because if someone like me is feeling like this, then something sure is worng. I’m not pretending that what I’m thinking and feeling is right, I’d love to be full of endless love and tolerance for the world, but I’m no freaking saint, far from it, and I’ve had it.

We’re giving them the money with which to buy the means to kill us. I’m not ok with that.

That Islamist preacher who lived off benefits, him and all his wives and children, benefit fraud of over a hundred thousand I think it was, while preaching about the evils of us and calling for our destruction. I am not ok with that.

I think he’s still here, for f*ck’s sake! I’m afraid to research and look, boils my blood and I’m already way over my boiling point today as it is.

Truly, completely sick of it all.

Posted by: arkachips | April 12, 2009

Arizona State: Death threats get you Obama Scholarship

Wow, America, leading the world shouldn’t entail leading the world in the fastest decline ever.

Arizona State University received death threats after refusing to grant that honorary degree to the TOTUS – by the way, they’ve never granted to any POTUS – and so, ASU has announced a scholarship in his name, to mark his ‘tremendous service to our country’.

Cue much mocking laughter. For TOTUS. For his murderous supporters.

I wonder if America will go down in the history books, not for being a great nation, but for the fastest fall in the history of civilisation.

Remember AL Sharpton saying there’ll be blood on the streets if TOTUS-wannabe lost? He got away with saying that. He got away with threatening the country. You talk of terrorists being something other, something outside America and Americans, but they’re among you and they are you. Like Ayers.

Death threats to a university? How is this much different from declaring jihad against a cartoonist who mocked Islam?

Shocking, shameful, truly pathetic.

Posted by: arkachips | April 11, 2009

New Zealand gets tough with Australia

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key:

‘”It’s totally ridiculous for Australians to claim that they have pavlova, or Phar Lap, or any of those iconic New Zealand items. Everyone knows that they’re ours and for Australia to claim ownership of them is quite inappropriate.”

The former New Zealand prime minister, Robert Muldoon, once quipped that “New Zealanders who emigrate to Australia raise the IQ of both countries”. Asked about that comment, Mr Key replied: “It would be most impolite of me to confirm or deny that proposition.”

And he said the Kiwis were ready to forgive Australia for Trevor Chappell’s infamous underarm bowl in 1981 which prevented the New Zealand batsman from hitting a six to tie a one-day match.

“We’ve certainly stopped the counselling sessions,” he said. ‘

And the article ends with a recipe for pavlova. Humour and dessert, always nice 🙂

I must admit, I don’t know much about the politics of either country. There’s some vague words swimming in my mind – aboriginies, rights, Olympics. Hoping to travel there in a few years though, should be interesting, and no, I won’t geek out and refuse to leave the hobbit home. I will self-hypnotise myself to resist, I will. I will be strong.

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Let them eat pizza!

‘When you’re the president of the United States, only the best pizza will do – even if that means flying a chef 860 miles.

Chris Sommers, 33, jetted into Washington from St Louis, Missouri, on Thursday with a suitcase of dough, cheese and pans to to prepare food for the Obamas and their staff.

He had apparently been handpicked after the President had tasted his pizzas on the campaign trail last autumn. ‘

Cue loud and obnoxious and mocking laughter here.

Climate change? Carbon footprint? Who the f*ck cares when we’re talking pizza! Pizza, dude! Give TOTUS a break.

Apparently that pizza place spouts off about its greenness too, probably organic stuff, the usual world loving schtick.

Excuse me while I laugh some more.

There was another truly obnoxious asslicking article yesterday, by Tomasky at the Guardian – I swear, his nose and tongue must be constantly brown – going on about how O’s one of the people and, but you know, the bestest ever, and, I really couldn’t do more than skim quickly. My stomach is getting worse at dealing with such pukeworthy worship. Not going to link to such crap, sorry, google it, but take some nausea pills first.

Anyway, once again, my peace-loving self is fighting the urge to kick some sense up a dumbass. Really, really kick it in so that it really sticks, you know? Do a job right the first time is what I always say.

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Chocolate: Inhaling is the new eating

‘”We call it whiffing.”

The chocolate-flavoured powder is housed in a small plastic cylinder which users breathe in from.

They believed the chocolate inhaler is just the first step in a gastronomic revolution.

“It fills your mouth with almost pure chocolate – it tastes really good.

“It’s zero calorie, so could also be used as a diet tool.’

We call it whiffing. *g*

And they’re truly excited by how soon we might be eat-inhaling a whole meal. I think these are the same folk that get orgasmic at the thought of existing as only a brain, or as pure energy.

Bodies, pffft, who needs them.

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President Pantywaist gets a spanking

‘President Barack Obama has recently completed the most successful foreign policy tour since Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow.’

Heh. Wait, there’s more –

‘So The One retired triumphant, having secured a massive contribution of 5,000 extra troops – all of them non-combatant, of course – which must really have put the wind up the Taliban, at the prospect of 5,000 more infidel cooks and bottle-washers swarming into the less hazardous regions of Afghanistan.’

Oh, and this, which the O-supporters I know have actually swooned happily about, the similarity to West Wing –

‘Then came the dramatic bit, the authentic West Wing script, ….

…”Rules must be binding,” declared Obama, referring to the fact that Kim had just breached UN Resolutions 1695 and 1718. “Violations must be punished.” (Sounds ominous.) “Words must mean something.” (Why, Barack? They never did before, for you – as a cursory glance at your many speeches will show.)’

Like I said before, it is so good to find articles like this when the media is suffering from lietitis.

Go read it all. Succinct summation of what most media is desperately trying to hide.

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Peru: King buried with two men, one woman

‘Greenish with the patina of 1,500-year-old gilded-copper treasure, the Lord of Ucupe’s burial site lies next to that of another male, who was in his late twenties. Beneath that male, invisible under as-yet-unexcavated dirt in June 2008, lies a pregnant woman. The lord himself was entombed atop another man.

“We don’t know the relationships between the leader and the other males,” said archaeologist Steve Bourget. And “this woman may have been a concubine or a wife. She may have died while pregnant.” ‘

Now, if this was a king entombed with three women, a harem would have been the first thought.

It’s like ancient Greece and every other instance of homosexuality being not only accepted, but commonplace, has been placed on a ‘do not mention’ list.

So ridiculous. More important things in life than the sex lives of consenting adults. Much more important things.

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Pirates! And idiots.

Because seriously, pirates vow to fight if attacked, the headline reads.

And I say cool. Shoot them. Blow them the hell outta the water.

Yes, rescue the captain first, of course. He dove out the boat once, give him the chance to do it again, and then take them out.

I used to be a bleeding heart liberal once upon a time, and then reality came knocking and I got over it. Which is why I still have hope that those idiots out there that voted for fake appearances over substance, a lifetime of experience, will see the real light, as opposed to the Hollywood light, one of these days.

Having said that, I came to my senses in college, so I was lucky that it happened early on. Much less to regret. The idiots (and yes they are idiots, how can anyone defend them with a straight face?!) aren’t just young naive fools, no, they come in a range of ages. Poor things. Age don’t mean wisdom, no sirree.

Wisdom win: The Arizona State University has wisely refrained from granting an honorary degree to a TOTUS who hasn’t done anything yet.

Wisdom deficient: The TOTUS who can talk about his love of tv show Entourage but apparently can’t say a word about the pirate hostage situation.

But of course he can’t say anything. He’s said it himself, before, that he needs to know what he’s talking about before he can say anything. He needs at least two days for people to tell him what to say. American citizen in danger – Express care and concern – How hard is that?

He’d be positively mute without that teleprompter.

The bombs are falling on us, MR.TOTUS!…. Ummm, give me a minute.

And yet, and yet, apparantly he’s the bestest President ever. President of the World even.

And the sheer irony of him apologising for the arrogance of Americans while, basically, being the poster child for Arrogance is just mind boggling for words.

The stupid and the idiotic voted him in, and possibly some who didn’t really care and opted for the Dem over the Rep, but every single one of us has to suffer this farce.

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London Olympics seeks bailout

‘Olympic planners have been forced to seek public sector support to bail out a £1bn athletes’ village project in east London, after a collapse in interest from private investors.

The European Investment Bank, set up as a development arm of the European Union, has approved a request for a £225m loan toward the scheme – which may yet require another £400m in direct government support unless financial conditions improve.

But John Armitt, chairman of the ODA, admitted earlier this year that it was possible that no private sector funding would be found for the Olympic Village, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill instead.

It is also possible the taxpayer-backed EIB would require the government to underwrite the loan, further straining its £2bn Olympic contingency fund and putting more taxpayers’ money at risk if the rent the housing associations earn from the flats does not recoup the cost of building them.

And right at the end, Tessa Jowell, the Olympics Minister, said they wouldn’t have bid if they’d known a recession was on the way….

We protested the bid, recession on the way or not, because the Olympics always seems to leave the host with huge debts. Huuuuge debts! Who ends up paying? We do. We the people.

Yes, it’s always fun to beat the French, and it was fun to to see that photo of the French sidewalk sellers with their discounted France Olympics t-shirts, but who has the last laugh now?

But I’m sure Ken and his motley crew are suffering the most. They flew all around the world talking up London, suffering untold hardships, and now they must be miserable at the thought of such crushing debt looming for their people. It was completely unforeseeable, after all.

It’s Easter. Time to be forgiving.

After Easter though, I say we hunt them down and dunk them in baked beans. Clothed. I think we’ve suffered enough without ‘pasty politician flesh’ added to our list of grievances.

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